Company Profile


Gremarnig Holdings Pty Ltd and its trading Company Locksafe Industrial Safety Equipment is a wholly owned and operated West Australian in-house design and manufacturing enterprise. All products are purpose designed, and address very close tolerance manufacturing techniques enveloping Quality Assurance parameters in a non registered format.

All designs are based on 50 years hands on practical experience within the heavy earthmoving equipment, heavy transport and Marine industries.

Company Key Objectives

  • To become the recognized Australian and ultimately the International benchmark standard for positive Locking safety isolation products and equipment, within all recognized Safety standard organizations throughout the world.
  • To retain our customer focus and whilst achieving our ultimate goal.
  • To be each customers first choice of supply based on previous satisfactory experience of our enhanced safety, high reliability purpose built products.

Original Motivations

Following demands by Australian “world quality” driven Corporate bodies, wishing to address enhanced personnel safety and workplace safety compliance, and additional measures formulated in the “Duty of Care” aspects of statutory safety legislation, Locksafe Industrial Safety Equipment has purpose designed and manufactured in Australia, a comprehensive range of “world quality” effective and simple to use, Positive locking energy immobilization and or interruption safety compliant lockout products , specifically addressing the operationally harsh and diverse Australian Mining and Construction Industries.

This range is further complimented by a further range of colour coded safety padlocks, effective customer orientated multi purpose locking product storage cabinets, wall boards and storage systems. Mining & Construction site work related, auxiliary and priority lighting products providing Corporate bodies with a single one stop shopping facility, for purpose designed, reliable and enhanced safety products designed to specifically address their diverse size and range of engine driven mobile and fixed plant asset inventory. This one stop facility, enables Corporate bodies to address their statutory “Duty of Care” Safety issues in confidence, whilst simultaneously satisfying stated pre-requirements for Internationally rated safety systems or prescribed Corporate safety compliance systems, they wish to address.

Specialist Design Availability

The in-house design function will accommodate commissions for specialist design safety related equipment for special mining environment applications.

Positive Product Attributes

  • Cost effective.
  • Addresses “Duty of Care” aspects of statutory workplace OHS safety requirements.
  • Fully sealed models for harsh operational conditions (up to and including IP56 International Standard). Dust and water splash protection.
  • Open type isolator assemblies available with optional safety LED indicator for forklifts, bobcats, etc.
  • Provides reduced fire risk and theft for remotely sited and parked machinery. Prevents unauthorized start and use.
  • Models to cover the full range of mining petrol/diesel engines up to 800 BHP and 2500 Amp engine cranking capacity. Addresses “full load current” isolation and safety positive locking requirements.
  • All locking brackets made of stainless steel and powder coated.

Our premium safety product range includes

  • Single, double pole or combination independently lockable battery and starter motor isolators.
  • Lockable and/or non lockable, vented, non-vented or threaded port ball valves.
  • Lockable valve isolators.
  • Sealed isolator assemblies up to and including IP56 rating.
  • Safety accessories such as safety padlocks, lockout and padlock storage cabinets, scissor hasps, tamper proof hasps.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • The manufacturing capability encompasses close tolerance manufactured sheet metal products in stainless steel or alternatively zinc anneal metal.
  • In house design office with full 3 dimensional Auto Cad draughting capability

Professional Services Provided

  • On site safety audits on engine driven mobile or fixed Plant.
  • Consultancy Services for safety compliance fleet applications
  • Execution of turnkey safety compliance project implementation. i.e. audit, report of product recommendation, supply and installation c/w procedural recommendations.

Product Design Parameters

All Locksafe designed and manufactured positive locking products have very simple operational design parameters

  • Effective and simple to use with integral positive locking facility.
  • Provide long-term high reliability in extreme and diverse operating conditions.
  • Stainless Steel is utilized to provide long-term operational functionality in diverse harsh environments.
  • All electrical energy interruption switches have full load current handling capability
  • All isolator products are manufactured so that switches can only be locked in the OFF position.