Big Red 24 Volt Switch Starter Isolator Assembly LS13030-02

Big Red 24 Volt Switch Starter Isolator
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Big Red 24V
Double Pole
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$1,285.00 AUD ea + GST
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Product Description

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  • Starter isolator assembly
  • Big red 24 volt battery isolation switch.
  • Locking bracket kit.
  • LED.
  • This locking bracket is designed to suit the big red heavy duty 24 volt switch, which enables the switch to be locked out.
  • This protects the personnel and the vehicle from unauthorised start up.
  • All locking brackets are mainly stainless steel and are powder coated for identification.
  • All locking brackets are designed to fit switches without the removal of the switch and cables.
  • Once fitted it remains permanently in place and can only be locked in the OFF position.
  • For battery isolation use red (-01)
  • For starter isolation use yellow (-02)
  • Also available in the 12 volt (LS13030-02S – same price)
  • For mounting options see cabinet 100 & 200 series options.