Enclosed Isolator Assembly LS12005

Cole Hersee
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$454.64 AUD + GST
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  • Overall Size: 200 x 180 x 100mm
  • Weight: 1.80kg

Comprised Of:

  • Cole Hersee Switch 2000amp (LS14008)
  • Red Locking Bracket (LS11004-01)
  • Light Grey Plastic Enclosure
  • Green LED (LS14001G)

This unit has larger glands for bigger terminal and cable access as required on larger vehicles and is not suitable for under bonnet use

The Cole Hersee switch comes with auxiliary terminals, so if required, the unit can be connected to the fuel pump solenoid with diesel engines or to the ignition circuit in petrol vehicles to shut the vehicle down in an emergency

The main terminals are connected to the battery negative and the vehicle earth for standard negative isolation. Can be wired for starter isolation (positive isolation) if connected to the battery positive and direct to the starter motor

Auxiliary terminals are used to interrupt the starter solenoid feed