Enclosed Isolator Assemblies LS12009 (Various)

Enclosed Isolator Assemblies
Cole Hersee
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  • LS12009A = 90cm & 90cm battery cables
  • LS12009B = 1m & 1.8m battery cables
  • LS12009C = 3m & 1.8m battery cables
  • 1000 Amp switch in polycarbonate enclosure to prevent exposure to atmosphere.
  • Contains 2 sealed glands & LED, Locksafe stainless steel locking bracket.
  • Unit has an incorporated mounting plate for ease of installation.
  • Suits almost all most mobile equipment.
  • High impact and heat tolerant enclosure.
  • Same unit as LS12001 but with 2 x 36 inch battery cables.
  • Includes unsplit convolute over cable.
  • Comes with interchangable heavy duty battery terminal connector.
  • Suit Hilux and 79 series.
  • Suitable for under bonnet heat.
  • Enclosed assemblies consist of environmentally and operational protected master switch together with the locking bracket, LED, master switch, mounting plate, glands and cables if required.
  • The switch is a Cole Hersee which comes with auxiliary terminals, so if required, the unit can be connected to the fuel pump solenoid with diesel engines or to the ignition circuit in petrol vehicles to shut the vehicle down in an emergency.
  • The main terminals are connected to the battery negative and the vehicle earth for standard negative isolation.
  • Can be wired for starter isolation (positive isolation) if connected to the battery positive and direct to the starter motor.
  • Auxiliary terminals are used to interrupt the starter solenoid feed.
  • Please contact office for details.