Large Cabinet with 2 Bosch Switches LS200-04-08

large locksafe isolation-cabinet-with-2-bosch-switches
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  • Locksafe Large isolation cabinet (LS200-04-08)
  • 2mm 304 stainless steel 370mm x 250mm x 450mm. Includes 2 Bosch switches, 2 Locksafe locking brackets, 2 LED`s, with thin door to allow easy access to locking brackets, door ram system, holes to base, hinged right & full stainless steel construction.
  • Individual locking for each switch and a single point isolation lockable latch, there is a polycarbonate window for viewing the LED switch status indicator. Can be provided with glands of various sizes to suit.
  • Once fitted it remains permanently in place and can only be locked in the OFF position.

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