Lockout Bags: LS10015 Yellow

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Product Description

  • Small – LS10015 S-YLW – 200mm x 300mm $78.00 AUD+GST
  • Medium – LS10015 M-YLW – 300mm x 400mm $80.00 AUD+GST
  • Large – LS10015 L-YLW – 400mm x 500mm $90.00 AUD+GST
  • Extra Large – LS10015 XL-YLW – 500mm x 600mm $120.00 AUD+GST
  • Alternate Colour & Custom Bags require pricing at time of quote / order.
  • Manufactured from reinforced PVC making this lockout bag the best available on the market.
  • Highly visible red with reflective strips.
  • Used for locking out items from electrical plugs to large decontactors – any item you choose!
  • Simply place the object in the bag and pull the stainless steel drawstring and apply a padlock.
  • Locksafe have developed a range of products which specifically address the requirements and needs that have been individually requested from the industry or unique applications.
  • Locksafe have an in-house design and manufacturing capability allowing the customer to design their product to specific requirements, including small batch quantities.