Battery Isolator Assembly with Caterpillar Switch LS13011-01

Battery Isolator Assembly
Single Pole
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  • Locksafe locking bracket and caterpillar switch battery isolator assembly.
  • This Locksafe Locking bracket is designed to suit only the Caterpillar isolation switch.
  • Once fitted correctly, the switch can be locked out only in the off position and the key should be retained within the unit, preventing the loss of the key.
  • This protects the personnel and the vehicle from unauthorised start up.
  • The size of the bracket is 70mm x 55mm x 50mm
  • Manufactured from 2mm Stainless Steel and powder coated for identification.
  • Designed to fit switches without the removal of the switch and cables.
  • Once fitted it remains permanently in place (including key) and can only be locked in the OFF position

Note:  Usually mounted through the panel so only the key and locking bracket is visable and switch body and cables are not visable.  See mounting plates for installation options if panel mount is not suitable.