Spring Hasp LS312SPRING **Discounted**

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$36.50 AUD ea + GST (Prev $42.00 ea)
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Lockwood’s Multi-Functional Safety Lockout Hasp


  • Hardened Stainless Steel Hasp
  • Self Latching
  • Single Action Shackle Release Trigger
  • x6 5mm Padlock Holes
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Return Spring
  • Highly Visible Red Powder Coat Finish

Lockwood’s unique patented Safety Lockout Hasp design provides protection for various portable installations suitable for both single and multi-point locking applications. This product provides maximum protection when used in conjunction with Lockwood’s 312 Series padlocks and ensures equipment can be isolated and not activated again until the repairs or maintenance are completed

The locked out device cannot be reactivated until all workers have signed off on their portion of the project and removed their padlock from the hasp

Lockwood’s guarantee of quality means that you can be confident in your choice of Lockwood Safety Lockout products