Stainless Top Hat for Mounting Bosch / Hella Isolator Units LS11017

Stainless Top Hat For Mounting Bosch
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$75.00 AUD ea + GST
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  • 2.5mm stainless top hat for mounting the Bosch or Hella isolator units.
  • Can be mounted directly to frame with provision for switch options and LED.
  • 160mm x 100mm.
  • Locksafe also provide options to assist with the installation of the units available.
  • These are to allow installation of the various switches without having to drill large holes into panels or structural beams.
  • The holes are placed to fit switches exactly with provision for smaller mounting holes drilled into the machine.
  • They vary from small mounting plates to protective covers.
  • If more protection is required then information on our cabinets is available.