Specialty Products

Isolation Training Board LSITB01

Product Number: LSITB01

Our customised Locksafe Isolation Training Board includes: LS11003-01 Bosch/Hella Battery Isolator LS11004-01 Retro Battery Isolator LS11004-02 Retro Starter Isolator Negative Battery Cable Ball Valve Padlock/Hasps to suit specific site requirements…

Isolation Trip Timer – LSLITT

Isolation Trip timer-LSLITT
Product Number: LSLITT

The LSLITT Isolation Trip Timing module is 12/24VDC device that is designed to time delay shutdown of an electronic functional battery master isolation switch When the key switch is turned to the…

Isolation Verification Control – LSLIVC

Product Number: LSLIVC

The LSLIVC Isolation Verification control module is 12/24VDC device designed to implement a safe working environment for all employees. The voltage indication is a true reference voltage with isolation verification, 4 options…

LED Amber Beacon – LSLLEDBA *Discounted*

Product Number: LSLLEDBA

Specifications: Long Life Span Energy Saving Environmentally Friendly Great Vibration Resistance Minimal Current Draw Amber colour x4 Optional flash patterns, by grounded the additional wire, this changes the sequence of…