Terms and Conditions

Terms of Payment

Registered Debtors: Strictly 30 days from invoice date by cheque or direct EFT

Non-Registered Debtors: Credit Card or Direct EFT

Conditions of Sale

Sale of goods is at strictly wholesale nett costing. Goods remain the property of the seller until full payment is completed.

Delivery of Goods Purchased

All Freight and Insurance costs for goods purchased and dispatched are the purchaser’s responsibility. Locksafe do have contractual transport arrangements with International, interstate road & air carriers but the nett cost of these services is borne by the customer.

Alternatively the purchaser can utilize their own preferred carrier and Locksafe will arrange packing & dispatch of the goods via the preferred Carrier with any on board charges at the purchasers cost.

Warranty of the Goods

All Locksafe manufactured products are guaranteed against faulty workmanship failure for a period of six months. Life expectancy of Locksafe equipment is the life of the vehicle or machine. Whilst Locksafe only select high reliability switch products, the warranty of electrical switchgear is subject to the switch manufacturers operational specifications and is not covered by Locksafe Warranty arrangements.