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Locksafe can supply you with any product we have on this site with modifications that you require. We are also able to custom design any product that you require, particularly hasps, we can supply them with more holes, different materials or different colours, its up to you to choose and we can have a prototype to you usually within one week.

Send us a digital photograph, and we will be able to identify the correct Locksafe locking bracket to suit that switch. It is easy to fit and once fitted it remains permanently on the machine.

Locksafe can provide a complete range of hardware to get your system compatible to comply with Lockout requirements, as specified on many Rio Tinto & BHP sites.

Locksafe supply a range of products which will allow you to convert existing systems (battery or starter isolation) to make them into a lockable system. If you don’t have any isolation in place Locksafe can recommend and supply you with the hardware required.

Single pole is where only one pole of the battery is isolated, i.e.the positive OR the negative is disconnected. Normally the negative is interrupted with single pole isolation. Double pole isolation is where the battery power is interrupted through the positive and negative poles of the battery.

We design and manufacture our own products. We have a workshop which does all the manufacturing processes, thus ensuring all products are built to our quality standards.

Locksafe manufacture a locking bracket (LS11001) to suit the standard caterpillar master isolation switch (LS14003). The bracket is supplied with a longer key to assist the operation of the switch, once the locking bracket is in place.

Battery isolation provides a way of being able to remove all power from the machine / vehicle, disabling the battery therefore removes the capacity to power up the machine / vehicle. All power is removed, usually by the negative pole to the chassis.

Starter isolation provides a way of being able to remove the power from the engine starter motor. Therefore removing the capacity to start the engine but allowing battery power for electrical testing.

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