Industrial Safety Equipment Bendigo

Battery Isolation and Safety Compliant Lockout Equipment

Isolation is the disconnect and separation of all energy in equipment to prevent any inadvertent energising of the whole or part equipment, especially used for maintenance or downtimes. Plant equipment can be dangerous when safety precautions and government standards are not adhered to. Installing and using isolation equipment can help to aid a safe environment for your employees.

All our products are made to quality standards, utilising stainless steel materials and are powder coated for easy identification and protection. You can view our full range of products and services online that can assist in creating your workplace safe.

  • Hasps
  • Locking brackets
  • Isolators assemblies
  • Isolation cabinets
  • Switches
  • Mounting options
  • Padlocks and storage


Lockout Tags and Safe Isolation Bendigo  

Machinery lockout devices, such as those we have in our range of products, are key safety tools for those working in the mining and plant industries, ensuring that equipment can be isolated to allow your employees to carry out routine maintenance in the safest way possible. Many of our products are designed and manufactured in Western Australia, and we deliver worldwide. Our products are designed to allow you to convert your existing system into a lockable system, and we have all the hardware and knowledge to guide you through the process. Bendigo in Victoria was originally part of the gold rush in the mid-1900s and has been reported to have mined $8 million valued in today’s market. Contact our team to discuss how our products can assist in your safety requirements on 08 9455 7255 or fill out our contact form and one of our team will be in touch.