Industrial Safety Equipment Gold Coast

Battery Isolation and Safety Compliant Lockout Equipment

At Locksafe, we understand the importance of workplace safety on mining sites in the Gold Coast region. Our comprehensive range of safety equipment is designed to keep your employees and visitors safe and ensure that your operations are compliant with industry standards.

Our safety equipment is suitable for use on all types of plant machinery, giving you peace of mind that your workplace is safe and secure.

All our products are made to quality standards, utilising stainless steel materials and are powder coated for easy identification and protection. You can view our full range of products and services online that can assist in creating your safe workplace.

  • Hasps
  • Locking brackets
  • Isolators assemblies
  • Isolation cabinets
  • Switches
  • Mounting options
  • Padlocks and storage


Lockout Tags and Safe Isolation Gold Coast

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Lock out systems are essential for ensuring that plant equipment is properly shut down and cannot be operated during scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs. Our products are designed for heavy-duty environments and should be used in accordance with company policies and procedures to protect workers from accidental start-ups of machinery or equipment while they are working. Our lock out system can be customised for any type of machine and shipped to any location in Australia.

Contact our team to discuss how our products can assist in your safety requirements on 08 9455 7255 or fill out our contact form and one of our team will be in touch.