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Battery Isolation and Safety Compliant Lockout Equipment

Using a lockout or tag out device for the isolation of plant equipment inspections, repairs, maintenance and essential cleaning should be used to provide safety to your workers and on-site visitors when they are completing work on a machine that can be accidentally started or releases stored energy sources. There are a wide range of devices available to lock out energy sources and other hazards, such as locking brackets isolators, switches, and hasps locks.

Our products are made here in Australia to the highest quality standards, utilising stainless steel materials and are powder coated for easy identification and protection. You can view our full range of products and services online that can assist in creating your workplace safe.

  • Hasps
  • Locking brackets
  • Isolators assemblies
  • Isolation cabinets
  • Switches
  • Mounting options
  • Padlocks and storage

Lockout Tags and Safe Isolation Wollongong  

Each year thousands of people are injured in a workplace during maintenance of machinery. If you have the correct practices and are using an effective lockout system, these injuries are avoidable.

The lockout procedure ensures that there are adequate controls in place to minimise or prevent the risks with inadvertent release of energy during cleaning or maintenance of the plant or other equipment. We can design a custom device for your machinery, and usually have a prototype available to present to you within 7 days. Contact our team to discuss how our products can assist in your safety requirements on 08 9455 7255 or fill out our contact form and one of our team will be in touch.